A light bulb symbolising Smart Gadgets Eswatini

Smart Gadgets is a company that was established in April 2020 in the Kingdom of Eswatini by insurance professionals who had noted the need to service insurance companies with affordable and enticing risk management gadgets that can be used to help clients manage their claims.

In our observation, the insurance industry had seen very little in terms of innovations and products that are able to radically disrupt the market share structure particularly in the short term insurance space.

With the number of short term insurers growing over the years, there has been a very steady decline on premium rates while claim figures maintained a relatively straight curve.

It therefore seemed to us that there was more that insurers could do to grew their GWP while at the same time adopting products that are mutually rewarding for themselves and their clients.

This was in essence the main inspiration behind the establishment of our company, which specializes in suppling insurance companies in the SADC region with smart gadgets that have amazing risk management and brand marketing capabilities.

Our products are very unique and effective in the management of common insurance perils like theft of household items, loss of personal effects, power surge damage and other related insurance losses.

These gadgets can also be used by insurance companies as a drawcard to boast new business volumes and improve brand projection by handing them out to clients (as free rewards) for taking up new policies or renewing existing policies.