Products 1 – 1000 Units 1001 – 2000 Units 2001 – 3000 Units 3001 – 4000 Units Above 4000 Units
Door and Window
Magnetic Alarm
(CODE: SMTG0001)
    R100 R95 R90 R85 R80
PIR (Motion Sensor) Alarm
(CODE: SMTG0002)
    R450 R430 R410 R390 R370
Bluetooth Key Tracker
CODE: (SMTG0003)
   R200 R190 R180 R170 R160
Surge Protector Plug
(CODE: SMTG0004)
   R250 R240 R230 R220 R210

Terms and Conditions

  • Pricing structure may change due to volatility of factory prices caused by ongoing global economic lockdowns.
  • Under normal circumstances, all orders will be delivered to the buyer within 60 days after the confirmation of the final purchase order.
  • We have a “full money-back guarantee policy” on all defective products, however, these must be reported to us upon the first full use of the product.