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Bluetooth Key Tracker

Bluetooth Key Tracker


  (CODE: SMTG0003)

This is a Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker which helps you track your personal belongings (keys, purse, bags etc). It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth 4.0) to wirelessly connect your phone and the tracker.

Because this connection is set up with Bluetooth Low Energy, both the phone and the tracker use a negligible amount of power. The battery can last anywhere upwards of 6 months depending on use.

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‾There is a free mobile app available to help pair your phone and the tracker.
‾Once connected, you will get an alert whenever the tracker and your phone get out of the set range.
‾You can also use the tracker to take self-portraits (it acts as a remote shutter, with burst shot).
‾It has a replaceable Battery (the coin-shaped CR2025 OR CR2032).
‾ The tracker is compatible with almost all IOS and android phones.
‾It shows you a google maps location of where the tracker and your phone lost connection.
‾It also enables you to trigger voice recording on your mobile phone.
‾The tracker uses a bidirectional search function and can connect up to 8 devices to one phone.
‾It can be set to sound the alarm at a maximum radius of 20m between the phone and the gadget.

This product is recommended for clients with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies.    


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