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Door & Window Magnetic Alarm

Door & Window Magnetic Alarm


(CODE: SMTG0001)

This intruder alarm can be placed at any main points of entry in and around the home for example front and back doors, ground floor windows etc. The alarm will sound as soon as the door or window to which the unit is attached to is opened.  You can switch from alarm mode to chime mode to receive alerts whenever someone opens or closes your door or window.

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−Delivers 90 decibels in loudness (As loud as a hairdryer/blender/drill)
−It is ideal for use on doors and windows.
−It has an alarm and chime mode.
−It comes with LR44 batteries (included).
−It is easy to install & battery operated – no wiring required
−It can be used for display cabinets as well.
−This product is suitable for indoor use only.

This product is recommended for clients with houseowner’s and householder’s policies.


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